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The Vision

We want to see Real Hope, New Life and Lasting Purpose through Jesus Christ come to Vegreville and surrounding area. We believe that North Pointe Vegreville can be a thriving church where people far from Jesus can find relationship with him, and where the followers of Jesus are active in this vibrant community. We look forward to being a transformational “Come As You Are” church in this vibrant rural community of 5700 people.


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Renovation projects in the building.

Pastor Aaron and Pastor Trevor meeting weekly in Vegreville connecting with key community leaders, getting to know the congregation, and beginning weekly prayer meetings.

Begin the interview process for a Campus Pastor in Vegreville.

Roll out promotions in the community as well as North Pointe Vegreville social media and website.

Get ready to start services in September.

First Service grand opening on October 11, 2020.


The Projects

We've got lots of work to do! Some of our projects include:

• Lobby Remodelling

• Sound/Lighting/Video Upgrades

• Children’s Area Remodelling

• Auditorium Remodelling

• New paint, lighting, and flooring

• Washroom expansion

• Audio and Video Installation

• Drywall work


Your donation will make a tangible difference. Here are some of the ways your donation will be used:

• Lights: 92 at $100 each

• Flooring: 500' at $7.50/sqft

• Painting: $10 000

• Digital Stage Box: $2000

• Sound Board: $6000

• Equipment installation: $2000




Reached: $28k

Goal: $150k

The Ask


Please add the town of Vegreville and North Pointe Vegreville to your daily prayer list.


You can give HERE or by clicking the  "Give Online Today" button above.  Thank you for your giving.

3. Help

Skilled and unskilled alike, if you are willing to help, there is a place to serve. A serving schedule will be posted on our social media, HERE. Thank you for being involved!

4. GO

We encourage you to go to Vegreville periodically for a service once things start up in September. It will help bring momentum and a sense of shared purpose.

The Answers

1. Will the Vegreville location have its own pastor?

Yes they will. We are actively looking to find a pastor that will live in Vegreville and be on the North Pointe staff. They will be a part of our team.

2. Will the two locations (Edmonton and Vegreville) do events together?

Primarily, each location will host events and outreaches at its own local facility, but there will be key moments throughout the year when we will invite both locations to come together to make connections and build stronger community with one another.

3. Are we borrowing money for the building projects or other fees related to the Vegreville location?

No we are not going to take on any debt for this project. We are going to raise the necessary money through the generosity of the Edmonton and Vegreville congregations.



Next Steps:

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