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Walk, Run, Ride

We are thankful to be a major supporter of the Village of Hope in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a country that has gone through tremendous political, economic and social upheaval over the last 30 years…so you can imagine the added hardship Covid-19 has had on the country and its wonderful people.


The Village of Hope is a place of Hope for orphaned children because of AIDS or abandonment. They also operate an amazing school with 600 students, a job training program, medical clinic and feeding program in the community.


North Pointe has been instrumental in building the facilities at the Village, but in order to fulfill its amazing vision, it requires on-going support.

We have a hospital but need nurses .

We have a school but need teachers.

We have houses but we need house mothers.


The Walk Run Ride raises money to support nurses, teachers, house mothers.


All you need to do is sign up to walk, run or Ride…or support someone financially who is!




Sign up below to participate by yourself or with your cohort at


Share what you are doing on your social media pages, through email, or by harassing your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers. Come on, it’s for the kids!


Raise as much as you can!


Pick a day between June 11-19. Run, Walk or Ride. Take a selfie or pics with your cohort and post them on your social media platform with the hashtag #wrr2021


Rest and rehydrate. And thank your donors. You have all made a HUGE difference in the lives of kids in Zimbabwe!

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