Anthem Kids

We envision a Christ-like, loving, and safe community of families from all backgrounds, as we support each other in cultivating our relationships with one another and with God. We'd love to work with you to make your experience here positive for every family member. Especially your kids! We look forward to meeting you!

Anthem Kids Choir

Join the epic adventure of Isaiah Jones. He braves overwhelming obstacles in his search for the Lost Treasure, on Christmas Eve, he falls asleep and the unimaginable happens—he wakes up in the video game! 

Along the way Isaiah Jones meets Ellie Ellington and Savanna, two members of the IRS (Item Relocation Specialists), a Wise Man who is traveling to see a King. 

Can they win the game? Yes, when Balthazar guides them to a simple stable in Bethlehem where they find that the Baby is the Treasure—God’s most precious Gift.

December 7 at 6pm