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Are you looking for hope? Are you looking for meaning? Are you looking for more?

We believe that hope, purpose, and true life come from knowing and following Jesus.

The goal of our Young Adults ministry here at North Pointe is to help 18-30 year olds find hope in Jesus, allow Him to be the master of our lives, and follow Him into the purpose that He has designed for us. Following Jesus is the best thing you can do with your life.

This season of life is full of questions and big decisions, and we want to support, encourage, and push you higher. Once per month (usually on the third Thursday of every month) we gather together for a Young Adults Worship Service. As well, you can join one of our weekly smaller Group meetings where you’ll be able to build deep, lasting relationships,

and continue to grow as a follower of Jesus. In addition, we hold monthly YA Social events after church on Sundays to connect. Stay up to date with us on social media (links below) or right here on our website.



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